Our purpose, our reason for being, is to work with people who seek to change the world — and who choose to be transformed in the process.

Our social justice education, leadership development and coaching work is based on our consciousness-in-action approach to integral libratory transformation. We help develop integral awareness, deepen critical understanding, create liberating visions, and implement transformative processes as participants address the many serious challenges in their social change work.

Through our work, we seek to:

  • Support participants’ integral well-being, consciousness development and leadership within the context of their lives and work in community.
  • Promote a deep understanding of the complexities of race, gender, culture and other social identity issues, and the impact of social power dynamics on our lives.
  • Teach principles and practices that foster greater balance and harmony between often conflicted aspects of self, community, and society at large.
  • Enhance participants’ ability to effectively deal with conflict and complexity, to recognize and embrace multiple perspectives, and to fluidly shift between these as appropriate.
  • Facilitate libratory and transformative processes that help people move beyond defensive reactivity to intentional response, visionary action and pro-active leadership.
  • Encourage attitudes, values, states of being, disciples and behaviors that, practiced in community, foster a greater sense of hope, possibility and collective strength toward social transformation.

Change agents — whether community and labor organizers, social justice and cultural workers, political and spiritual activists, educators and students, helping professionals and service providers, business and organizational leaders, policy makers, or anyone attempting to create positive, lasting and transformative change — will greatly benefit from our work.

For more information about our workshops, training programs, coaching and consultation services, please contact us at c-integral.