Generation Waking Up!

In early 2009, I was approached by Joshua Gorman, a young man from Washington DC, who had come across my book and was interested in learning more about how the consciousness-in-action approach might inform an “integral activist” movement of young people he was envisioning. This remarkable young man had already been in touch with or had met a number of thinkers and teachers the likes of Joanna Macy, Juanita Brown and Ken Wilber, to mention a few. More importantly, he was part of a nationwide network of youth organizers and activists already beginning to integrate social and environmental justice action and spiritual practice with communications technologies. His vision of a Generation Waking Up process for movement building for liberation and cultural transformation was well under way.

After several e-mails and phone conversations, Joshua, together with then-student activist Julia Walsh (Synthesis), came to a one-day workshop I was giving in Amherst, MA, and asked me to help him design and co-facilitate a small, rather intimate visioning process. From July 17-21, 2009, we held this intergenerational integral activism gathering, co-sponsored by c-Integral, Generation Waking Up and Synthesis, and hosted by Bonnitta Roy at her Alderlore Farm in Connecticut, and attended by Aries Jordan, Cherine Badawi, Arthur Romano, Jenna Dern, Juanita Brown, David Gershon, Tom Murray, Sophia Liang, as well as by Joshua, Julia, Rose and me. It was indeed a powerful shared visioning process that served us both collectively and personally.

Over the past three years it has been wonderful to hear from Joshua and to see his vision, certainly now the vision of many, continue to unfold in the work of Generation Waking Up. Check out the powerful video below, and please pass it on!

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