Deep Retreat in the Heart of Awakening

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Deep Retreat in the Heart of Awakening: Contemplative Power for Living and Service On April 24, 2010, Rose Sackey-Milligan, c-Integral’s co-director, and Julie Forsythe of the Foundation for Active Compassion co-taught a daylong retreat for an inter-generational and ethnically mixed group of people in the service and social action sectors in Northampton, MA. It was […]

Consciousness-in-Action Webinar

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A few weeks ago, Rose Sackey-Milligan, c-Integral’s Co-Director, and I held our first Consciousness-in-Action webinar. This presentation was hosted by the Center for Contemplative Mind in Society as part of their series of webinars for the Association for Contemplative Mind in Higher Education, teachers, scholars, administrators and students who teach or use contemplative practices in […]

Afghanistan – An Inquiry

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I am posting this somewhat in response to Arthur’s Dec 2 facebook question are we numb to war? what sacrifice does it require of us? indifference is too convenient I wanted to use this question as a way to illustrate the levels of intersubjective awareness that was discussed in the What is Integral Activism Post […]

What is special about Integral Activism?

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I think Integral activism faces some of the same challenges that are endemic within the field of integral thinking more generally-that is how to think in more holistic and comprehensive ways when much of our experience is highly situated. One of the fascinating contributions that integral activism has to make to the larger field (and […]

The Age of Synthesis

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Hi Friends, Recently came across one of those obscure metaphysical books titled The Planetarization of Consciousness by Dane Rudhyar. his motto – “Synthesis – Solidarity – Service” A few extracts related to our inquiries that I’ll draw out further in the time ahead: “We are at the threshold of an Age of Synthesis; but unless […]

What is Special about Integral Activism?

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I would like to discuss Tom Murray’s questions around the notion of Integral Activism – What has been lacking in activism historically, or still is lacking in activism “in general” that requires a new kind of activism, or a new approach to activism, that we are broadly naming as integral? If we can articulate more […]

Revolution in the Time of the Hamsters

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Here is my first post on our new blog. Well, besides the welcome, that is. And it really isn’t even written by me. I wish it was, because it is simply excellent. It was written by my friend, Ricardo Levins Morales, who besides being a gifted artist is also a committed labor activist, a brilliant […]

Hello Integral Changemakers!

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Hey there! Welcome to Salón, a space at for our “integral activism/organizing/social change” “learning community.” [Salón is Spanish for both large gathering room and for classroom, appropriate for our intended purposes.] At the suggestion of Joshua Gorman and Julia Walsh, convenors of our recent Integral Activism gathering, I offer this blogspace as a place […]